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Dress Code

Students at our sixth form will wear business dress based around suits for both boys and girls.

You must be smartly dressed at all times, as you would be if working in a smart professional environment.  You are role models for the rest of Harris Federation and as such need to be smartly presented at all times. Identity cards with lanyards must be visible at all times and you must have your organiser with you every day.

MaleMale dress code

  • Formal business suit
  • Formal shirt and tie
  • Formal shoes (you must be able to polish them)

FemaleFemale dress code

  • Formal business suit (skirts must be at least to the knee, no stretchy lycra material allowed)
  • Formal business dress and jacket (dress must have sleeves which cover at least the top quarter of the arm)
  • Formal blouse or shirt
  • Formal shoes (you must be able to polish them)

Girls wishing to wear the Islamic dress should wear a simple silhouette jilbab and a hijab which should not be too colourful. Both garments should not be over embellished. A formal business jacket will need to be worn.

Jackets may be removed in warm conditions. Scarves may be worn outside the buildings but must be removed once inside.

Physical Education, Performing Arts and Drama students are expected to conform to the expectations on kit of the site where they participate in the lessons.

The following are not permitted:
•    Brightly coloured suits;
•    Casual style dresses such as those with a vest style top, very thin straps and strapless style top;
•    Jumpers- with the exception of plain v neck jumpers under the blazer;
•    Denim/Jeans trousers, shirts, blouses or skirts;
•    Studs on trousers, skirts or shirts/blouses
•    Casual trousers – combats, track suits, leggings;
•    Casual tops – track suit, fleeces, T-shirts, hooded tops, vest tops;
•    Shorts, cropped trousers, tight narrow legged trousers, trousers made of stretchy legging-type material;
•    Sportswear;
•    Very short skirts/revealing clothes;
•    Trainers, pumps, canvas shoes, Vans, Kicker trainers or leisure shoes/pumps;
•    Visible boots
•    Patterns or shapes cut into hair or eyebrows and brightly coloured hair – eg: Mohicans or tram lines
•    Gloves, hats, caps and bandannas.
•    Overly conspicuous jewellery - large earrings, necklaces
•    Coloured shoe laces
•    Clothing made of sheer/transparent materials

Tattoos should not be visible. Visible body piercing is restricted to the ears and/or one small nose stud only. Bars, scaffolds and stretchers are not permitted.
Transgender students may dress consistently in accordance with their gender presentation.

PPE clothing will be provided by Harris Professional Skills Sixth Form.

Students will be sent home if they do not conform to the Dress Code. Parents/Carers will be contacted on the first occasion a student is required to be sent home in relation to a dress code violation. In the event of any subsequent digression from the dress code, the student will be issued with a Penalty Point and sent home to change, but no contact will be made with the Parent/Carer.

It is beyond the scope of the Policy to provide guidance on every eventuality.  In the event of queries, the Principal will act as the arbiter. If you fail to comply with these guidelines you will be dealt with in line with the Sixth Form Discipline Structure.


Construction students will be given a branded fleece, work trousers and safety boots that must be worn as their dress code. Students must not wear alternative garnaments. Students will be expectred to wear a plain (unbranded) black or navy blue T shirt.