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Visit to Coventry University


Multiple cuisines under one roof!


An inspirational piece of work from our Yr 12 student


Yr 13 Construction students working on their unit, Remove and replace defective roof coverings


Raising awareness on Children’s Mental Health Week


Yr 13 Construction Visit to


This week’s tutor time covers the importance of E-Safety


Yr 12 Sports Studies students developing skills in their practical session at


Lovely Christmas lunch served today


Christmas Jumper Day at HPS6F today


Yr 12 Science Trip to Centre of the Cell in Whitechapel


This week’s tutor time focuses on Mental Health Awareness


Another one of our students talking about her work experience


Our Yr 12 student talks about his Work experience placement


Please find a useful link for equipping people to provide practical and emotional support to children and young people affected by the pandemic.


Great resources for students and parents.


Functional Skills Exams : English Speaking Monday 9.45am 22.2.21; Maths 9.00am Tuesday 23.2.21; English 9.00am Wednesday 24.2.21


National Apprenticeship Week - students learnt about apprenticeships, where to find them, how to apply, take a look at this website.


Today is Safer Internet Day. The Internet has brought significant benefits to our lives but there are also dangers that we as teachers and parents must be aware of to protect our children and students.


Well done to all the Year 13 students who have been completing their UCAS applications over the past few weeks. Thank you to Ms Bhogal, Mr James, Ms Awan and Ms Whyte for all the support given.

16-19 Tuition Fund

16 to 19 Tuition Fund

Many students have been negatively affected regarding their progress since the lockdown instigated by the Government in March to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. The academy put effective measures in place to ensure that students continued to be taught online and it was open to all vulnerable students during the lockdown period however this year’s intake of year 12 may not have had the advantages of this from their previous school and significant numbers are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Year 13 have also experienced disruption to their learning despite best efforts made by the academy. Disadvantaged groups are the most affected by the impact of lockdown. The 16 to 19 tuition fund is a £96 million one -off funding for the academic year 2020/2021 ring fenced for providers to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from COVID-19. The monies awarded to the academy will be utilised to enable our vulnerable students to rapidly return to a level where they can be successful in their level 1,2 and 3 qualifications. This academic year the 16 – 19 allocation is £45,200.00.

Expenditure for the 16 to 19 tuition fund 2021-22

The Principal holds the budget for the tuition fund 2021-22 and authorises all expenditure. Funding is currently targeted at three aspects of student development; teaching and learning, attendance and behaviour.

The key barriers for learning of HPS6F students revolve around three key issues:

  1. Extremely Low levels of Literacy/Numeracy for most of the resit pathway
  2. Confidence in ability
  3. Gaps in learning from academic year 2019/2020 and 2020/21 academic years
  • Therefore, our priorities for expenditure of the funding program will be:
  • Provision of 1:1 tuition for students via staff subject expertise of graduate TAs
  • Increase of Literacy resources and delivery
  • Increased Provision of holiday school for sixth form students incorporating small group work




Success Indicator


Appoint part time intervention tutors for Core and option subjects to work in Spring Term with students to ensure greater access to lessons, run more effective intervention sessions and small group intervention work including 1:1 sessions.


One tutor assigned each to:

  1. English/ English Lit
  2. Maths
  3. Science



Small group and 1:1 work with targeted students whose gaps in attainment have been recognised will allow them to become more confident with dealing with subject content and understanding.





Increase in success rate at level 1, 2 and level 3 subjects. Increase of student confidence in the subjects they are taking will lead to greater confidence and improved attitude towards learning of students. 


Increased teaching Resources for Literacy Intervention classes and delivery of whole school initiative. 98 students identified from NGRT baseline assessments who require some form of intervention

Literacy tutor to support the Literacy coordinator in delivering high quality Literacy support



Additional Literacy/Numeracy classes and resources for targeted students timetabled during intervention sessions. Focus in Aut 1 and 2 on Literacy CPD for all subjects and discrete Literacy sessions scheduled during tutor time once a week on Literacy development.


Literacy levels increased for students enabling access to all subjects which in turn will lead to higher outcomes achieved in all subjects taken by end of academic year 2021/2022. Evidenced through NGRT assessments in Spring 2


Additional support during holiday half term and full-term breaks given to students for additional revision classes and coursework support



To enable additional time to be given to students with targeted gap analysis and extra sessions provided to ensure success in their chosen pathway.




Students to meet targets set from baseline data.