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Very Proud of Tim and his masterpiece of Mr Fox


Thank you for having our students today, they had a great time


Our students visited today, thank you for having us

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Vocational Level 2/3 Painting and Decorating - Vocational

This qualification is for students who want  to work in the construction industry and specialise in the area of painting and decorating. It is aimed at people wishing to learn some skills in painting and decorating and who want to progress on to becoming skilled in their chosen trade.

Level 2

The level 2 qualification covers the following skills and is suitable for those who will be starting out in the construction trade:
•    Erecting and Dismantling Access Equipment and Working Platforms
•    Preparing Surfaces for Decoration
•    Applying Paint Systems by Brush and Roller
•    Applying Foundation and Plain Papers
•    Producing Specialist Decorative Finishes
•    Applying and Creating Colour

Level 3

Level 3 allows you to develop your skills further and covers the following areas:
•    Erecting and Dismantling Access Equipment and Working Platforms
•    Applying Hangings  to Walls and Ceilings
•    Producing specialist finishes for painted decorative work
•    Producing specialist architectural finishes for decorative work
•    Applying Water-Borne Paint Systems Using airless equipment  
•    Applying water-borne paint systems using high volume low pressure (HVLP) spray equipment