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Our students visited today, thank you for having us

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Vocational Level 3 Business Retail Triple - Vocational

This course is for students with a keen interest in Business, with the emphasis being on the retail sector.

This course has been developed to give you the skills and knowledge you will need to deal with the changing needs you will encounter whilst working in or studying in this field.

You will learn how a business might evolve. From a small start-up business to a large multinational organisation, you will consider a range of different business types and gain an understanding of how the choice of business type might affect the objectives that are set.

You will also look at the internal workings of businesses, including their internal structure and how different functional areas work together. Plus, by looking at the external constraints under which a business must operate, you will gain an understanding of the legal, financial and ethical factors that have an impact. You will also explore ways in which businesses respond to changes in their economic, social and technological environment; and gain an appreciation of the influence different stakeholders can have upon a business.

The business world places a high value on the ability to research, analyse and evaluate information in order to make considered decisions and you will have the opportunity to gain these vital skills. Alongside this you will develop practical employability skills, including the ability to communicate effectively with both internal and external stakeholders.

You will cover a variety of topics including:
•    The Business Environment
•    Working in Business
•    Business Decisions
•    Customers and Communication
•    Marketing and market research   

This qualification will enable you to achieve your potential and move on to the next step of your life plan, whether it be Higher Education, an apprenticeship, or employment.