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Our students visited today, thank you for having us


The curriculum of Harris Professional Sixth Form comprises a broad and innovative range of learning experiences planned for each student.  A personalised curriculum offer, in conjunction with excellent teaching that impacts positively on learning and progress will enable all our students to respond positively to the opportunities and challenges of a rapidly changing world.

  • To encourage the best possible progress and the highest academic achievement for all, by setting suitable learning challenges and fully recognising the diverse learning needs of each of our students. 
  • To provide rich and varied contexts for students to acquire, develop and apply a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills, to encourage a love of learning and a desire for lifelong learning.
  • To enable all students to develop their creativity and talents to the full, using our Oracy and Enterprise specialism across the Academy to maximise this potential.
  • To personalise our curriculum ensuring it is flexible and appropriate, preparing students for the challenges of a fast-changing world, and their futures as successful citizens for the 21st century
  • To promote students' self-esteem and emotional wellbeing through our curriculum, offering opportunities for students to develop their knowledge, understanding and appreciation of their own and different beliefs and cultures.

 Vocational Pathway

L3 12 construction

Students who have not yet achieved English and/or Maths at grade 4 in GCSE (C grade legacy) will be timetabled resit lessons. Most students engage with the EPQ programme of study, which is an excellent taster of university-style learning and an opportunity to expand their knowledge in a particular area, as they focus on a specific subject or area of interest. They also receive two lessons a week in “Skills for Work and Life” which will revolve around these key skills:

There is also one afternoon per week of Enrichment covering sport and wider academic study, which will range from attending lectures (including lectures from visiting speakers) to independent study and seeking additional help from teachers in support sessions.

Level 2 Pathway

Sixth Form students may engage on a curriculum for one year retaking English Maths and Science with two additional option subjects. Students who are successful may then apply to a level 3 course on offer the next year or apply to an external college or sixth form to access a level 3 course.

Yr12 l2


Students will also receive a lesson a week in the Prince’s Trust Award which will revolve around these key skills.

  • Careers
  • Applications for work/further/Higher Education
  • Interview Technique
  • Work Experience
  • Financial Planning
  • Self Confidence
  • Literacy and Numeracy

There will also be one afternoon per week of Enrichment covering sport and wider academic study, which will range from attending lectures (including lectures from visiting speakers) to independent study and seeking additional help from teachers in support session.

Academy Timings

The Academy shares facilities with Harris Academy Aspire and is also in very close vicinity to two other Harris academies. The travel plan for HPS6F has always been designed in such a way that staggered starts for year groups are necessary to avoid “bottle necking” of transport systems and being mindful of the local community.

With the “reopening of schools guidance” there have been further changes to the start and finish times and process to minimise potential risk to students. The

The academy has put in the following actions.

  1. Tutor Time is conducted online via MS Teams until guidance changes
  2. Enrichment has been suspended for on-site activity until guidance changes
  3. Students are not allowed off site during the school day for Lunch
  4. The timetable has been configured into 3 bubbles:
  • Apollo House – Resit Pathway students
  • Gemini House – Level 3 students
  • Mercury House – Construction students
  1. The timetable has different start and finish times for the three bubble

    The timings for the three pathways are outlined below:

Timings of day aspire and yr 12

Construction bubble

L3 bubble

After Hours Study Support (Suspended until guidance changes)

The Academy has a planned program of out of hours learning, the details of these plans will be circulated to staff and parents or carers at the start of each academic year.  They will be coordinated by the assistant principal in charge of study support and will include:

  • Homework interventions. 
  • Holiday revision and catch up sessions.
  • Booster sessions for English, Mathematics and Science
  • Various extra study sessions for targeted students through departments
  • SEN support for students with coursework, homework or classwork