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National Apprenticeship Week (7th - 11th February)

National Apprenticeship Week (7th - 11th February) is soon approaching and we inviting you to book and secure the Investment20/20 team for a National Apprenticeship Week workshop.

  • Being an apprentice in investment management - Students get to explore careers in investment management and meet a current Apprentice who shares their own career journey. They will hear first-hand about the transition from school or college to work, and the experience of being an Apprentice.   This will be delivered virtually in most cases.

We have two additional workshops that can be booked too:

  • Investing to improve climate change - Helping students to understand the role of investment management, this workshop demonstrates how good investment decisions can deliver a positive return in addressing climate change and environmental issues.  Delivered virtually by expert sustainability analysts from one of our member firms.
  • Preparing for the recruitment process - Introducing students to the recruitment process, this workshop covers CV’s to psychometric tests and assessments centres.  It’s a great way for students to understand what selection methods are used by employers – and to hear first hand from our Trainees on their own experience.  This session is delivered virtually.

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